What we do

At Friquez, we master the art of bringing premium brands to market. Recognizing and filling gaps in markets is our forte. And every day we challenge ourselves to achieve the best results. This starts with truly listening to our clients and pursuing their goals with great determination and skill.

Our team consists of dedicated and enthusiastic experts, each in their own field, with strong entrepreneurial spirit. Together we not only have a strong eye for opportunity, but also the means to make it happen.

How we see things

To do well what we do best, one needs experience, a thorough and topical understanding of current and developing markets and consumer behaviour as well as the creativity and the commitment to succeed. At Friquez we have the knowledge, experience and drive to serve our clients’ best interests.

What we aim for

Friquez is all about effectively bringing premium brand products to customers in the shortest time possible. From choosing the right channels and developing successful marketing & sales strategies to budget planning, conducting annual trade negotiations and the development of ATL, BTL and TTL marketing activities. In other words, Friquez is all about contributing to positive company results, category success and sustainable relationships with our clients!

Our Warehousing activities

With Friquez, you can rely on the latest techniques in warehousing. Our automated order system, SCC labeling, combined pallets transport options and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connection ensures smooth and highly efficient storage, handling and transport from beginning to end.

Our responsibilities

Business can be a source of progressive changeJerry Greenfield


At Friquez, we are convinced that commercial success should be beneficial to all. Environmental sustainability helps ensure a better world for generations to come. We gladly take our responsibility by making sure our beliefs are held up all through the chain and in all the brands and products we represent. Most of our food products are organic and all our products are from a proven sustainable source. Moreover, each and every product we represent in one way or another is developed to support a healthy lifestyle. Other measures, too, contribute to a sustainable approach: from the use of combined transport to limiting the printing of documents.